Green Valley Resort was founded in the 1940s 


Wesley and Gladys Cook purchased the resort in 1955, and advertised it as having modern facilities. At the time, there were three resorts on Seventh Crow Wing; Green Valley Resort, Holly-Wood Resort, and Seventh Crow Wing Resort (Later renamed to White Forest Resort)


The resort was sold to Jay Horsley in 1971


Jim Larson then operated Green Valley Resort from 1974 to April of 1996. During his ownership, three cabins (6, 7, and 8) were purchased from White Forest Resort and transported to the locations you see them today!


Allan and Martha Janssen owned Green Valley next; operating it from April 1996 to August 2011.


Mike Wetmore took over in August 2011, and ran the resort until June 2021.


Dale and Jennifer Kosmacek purchased the resort in June 2021, and are your current hosts!

Historic 7th Crow Wing Lake Resort Postcards

Notes left on the kitchen wall of Cabin 2 from 1948!

View of Green Valley Resort from the lake, circa 1970s

An old picture of Green Valley Resort; presumably from the 1970s

Green Valley Resort pamphlet, circa 1980

Fishing tournament photos, years unknown